Consume This! The Politics of “Feeding the Planet”

This month’s post features work from two of our student members, Alana Stein and Nadia Smiecinska, from their research on how nations use a “citizen-consumer” discourse at the 2015 World Expo on food security. — Richard E. Ocejo (Section Chair) Consume This! The Politics of “Feeding the Planet” By Alana Haynes Stein and Nadia SmiecinskaContinue reading “Consume This! The Politics of “Feeding the Planet””

Consume This! Consuming Global Borderlands

In this month’s Consume This!, Victoria Reyes examines how a special economic zone is intertwined with its host nation state, highlighting the tensions around notions of sovereignty, responsibility and desirability in modern, global consumption imaginaries. It’s a great introduction to her forthcoming book, Global Borderlands. —Jennifer Smith Maguire (Section Chair) Consume This! Consuming Global BorderlandsContinue reading “Consume This! Consuming Global Borderlands”