The American Sociological Association section on Consumers and Consumption was inaugurated at the annual meeting of the ASA in 2013 in New York City.  The seeds of this organization were sown by The Consumer Studies Research Network, a group founded by an interdisciplinary set of scholars and researchers to illuminate the roles of consumer goods and consumerism in shaping virtually all forms of social life and interaction in today’s world. In the mid-1990s some of these scholars began the process of institutionalizing this subfield within the discipline of sociology by hosting sessions at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association. As a group we have conducted and published ground-breaking research in the area of consumer studies, and on topics such as the intersection of consumption and identity, branding and marketing, ethical consumption and consumer activism, and the connection between consumer culture and systems of inequality. Now, our organization is hosted by the American Sociological Association, but we continue to enthusiastically welcome the participation of scholars and researchers from other disciplines and from beyond academe.

Members of the ASA can join this section by logging in to their member account. From your Member Portal, click the link “Join a Section”. You can join the Consumers & Consumption section for just $10 annually! (Students $5)

Section Leadership

Chair 2017-18
Ashley Mears, Boston University

Chair-Elect, 2017-18 (Chair 2018-19)
Jennifer Smith Maguire, University of Leicester

Past Chairs
Juliet Schor, Boston College (2016-17)
Frederick Wherry, Yale University  (2015-2016)
Sharon Zukin, Brooklyn College and CUNY Graduate Center (2014-15)
Dan Cook, Rutgers University (2013-2014)

Secretary & Treasurer
Josée Johnson, University of Toronto (2016-2018)
Laura J. Miller, Brandeis University (2013-2016)

Social Media and Communications Coordinator
Kate Cairns, Rutgers University-Camden (2016-18)
Beth DuFault, University of Arizona (2015-16)
Nicki Lisa Cole, Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society (2013-15)

Council Members

Newly Elected
Amanda Koontz Anthony, University of Central Florida (2017-2019
Daniel Fridman, University of Texas at Austin (2017-2019)
Hannah Wohl, Northwestern University, Student Representative (2017-2019)

Jennifer Jordan, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2016-2018)
Kate Cairns, Rutgers University-Camden (2016-2018)
Max Besbris, New York University, Student Representative (2016-2018)

Jeremy Schulz, University of California-Berkeley (2015-17)
Michelle Weinberger, Northwestern University (2015-17)
Yaniv Ron-El, University of Chicago Student Member (2015-17)
Amy Hanser, University of British Columbia (2014-16)
Jennifer Smith Mcguire, Univeristy of Leicester (2014-16)
Sarah Cappeliez, Universty of Toronto (2014-16)
Ashley Mears, Boston University (2015)
Josée Johnson, University of Toronto (2015)
Martha Coe, New York University (2015)