Consume This! Publishing Consumption

In this month’s post, we branch out from research projects to hear some thoughts from the new(ish) director of Vanderbilt University Press, Gianna Mosser, about the press’s interest in, and in expanding, the study of consumers and consumption for its sociology and related lists. -Michaela DeSoucey (Section Chair) Consume This! Publishing Consumption By Gianna MosserContinue reading “Consume This! Publishing Consumption”

Consume This! Engaged Sustainers in the Food World

In this month’s post, John Brueggemann gets hopeful. Based on his research on what he calls “engaged sustainers” in the food world, he revisits Juliet Schor’s influential “new politics of consumption” piece from 1999, and finds a lot of optimism among food doers. — Richard E. Ocejo (Section Chair) Consume This! Engaged Sustainers in theContinue reading “Consume This! Engaged Sustainers in the Food World”

Consume This! The Politics of “Feeding the Planet”

This month’s post features work from two of our student members, Alana Stein and Nadia Smiecinska, from their research on how nations use a “citizen-consumer” discourse at the 2015 World Expo on food security. — Richard E. Ocejo (Section Chair) Consume This! The Politics of “Feeding the Planet” By Alana Haynes Stein and Nadia SmiecinskaContinue reading “Consume This! The Politics of “Feeding the Planet””

Consume This! Eating for Taste and Eating for Change

In our April blog, Emily Huddart Kennedy, Shyon Baumann and Josée Johnston explore the intersection of status, ethics and aesthetics in relation to food preferences, and provide a fascinating prompt for a ‘cultural capital 2.0’ research programme for the sociology of consumption. —Jennifer Smith Maguire (Section Chair) Consume This! Cultural Capital 2.0? Eating for TasteContinue reading “Consume This! Eating for Taste and Eating for Change”

Scholars’ Conversations: Joshua Sbicca, Food Justice Now!

This interview is part of the Consumers and Consumption website: the “Scholars’ Conversations” series, where consumption scholars (broadly defined) are interviewed by graduate students or other scholars in the field about recent publications and their approach to all things consumption. You can participate too! Graduate students, this can be an excellent opportunity to connect withContinue reading “Scholars’ Conversations: Joshua Sbicca, Food Justice Now!”

Letter from the Editor

  As we complete this second issue of Consumed, I can’t help but feel proud of the members of our section, who have brought us a timely and important range of thought provoking, intellectually impressive new books and articles in recent months. Recent member articles are published in American Journal of Cultural Sociology, Contexts, CriticalContinue reading “Letter from the Editor”