Scholars’ Conversations: Patricia Banks, Understanding Race, Class and the Politics of Consumption 

This conversation is a recurring feature of the Consumers and Consumption website: the “Scholars’ Conversations” series, where consumption scholars (broadly defined) talk to other scholars in the field about recent publications and their approach to all things consumption. You can participate too! Graduate students, this can be an excellent opportunity to connect with someone whoseContinue reading “Scholars’ Conversations: Patricia Banks, Understanding Race, Class and the Politics of Consumption “

Consume This! Consumer Activism and Corporate Diversity

In this post, Patricia Banks, author of the just-published Race, Ethnicity, and Consumption, reflects on how consumer-focused companies’ social media reacted to this spring and summer’s racial justice protests, as well as the subsequent activist response, neatly weaving it all through the important concept of ‘racialized political consumerism.’  – Michaela DeSoucey (section chair) Consume This! Consumer ActivismContinue reading “Consume This! Consumer Activism and Corporate Diversity”

Consume This! Diversity Capital and Corporate Cultural Patronage

In this month’s blog, Patricia Banks develops the concept of “diversity capital” to unpack how patronage of the black cultural sector operates as an instrument of corporate communication and impression management. —Jennifer Smith Maguire (Section Chair) Diversity Capital and Corporate Cultural Patronage By Patricia A. Banks In 2011, Aetna, a health insurance company, announced a $1.275Continue reading “Consume This! Diversity Capital and Corporate Cultural Patronage”