Members Directory

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Nino Bariola

  • Affiliation: University of Texas at Austin
  • Research interests: Food, Nationalism, Inequality, Work, Corruption, Taboo markets
  • Academic Position: Graduate Student
  • Twitter Handle: @nbariola

Shyon Baumann

  • Affiliation: University of Toronto, Department of Sociology
  • Research interests: food, ethical consumption, cultural capital, cultural evaluation, aesthetics
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Yasemin Besen Cassino

  • Affiliation: Montclair State University, Sociology
  • Research interests: work, gender, youth, aesthetic labor
  • Academic Position: Faculty
  • Twitter Handle: @Besencassino

Nathaniel G. Chapman

  • Affiliation: Arkansas Tech University, Behavioral Sciences
  • Research interests: Craft Beer, Popular Culture, Consumption, Race, Gender
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Joseph Cohen

  • Affiliation: City University of New York – Queens College, Sociology
  • Research interests: Household Finance, Consumer Spending, Social Policy, Wellbeing
  • Academic Position: Faculty
  • Twitter Handle: @jncohen

Sarah Corse

  • Affiliation: University of Virginia, Sociology
  • Research interests: arts, literature, reception, class and culture
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Michaela DeSoucey

  • Affiliation: NC State Sociology
  • Research interests: food, markets, authenticity, heritage, culture
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Megan Doherty Bea

  • Affiliation: Cornell University
  • Research interests: Consumer Finance & Well-Being
  • Academic Position: PhD Candidate, Sociology
  • Twitter Handle: @MegB_86

David Ekerdt

  • Affiliation: University of Kansas, Sociology
  • Research interests: life course, possession management, downsizing
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Kjerstin Gruys

  • Affiliation: University of Nevada, Reno
  • Research interests: gender, aesthetic labor, beauty and appearance, fashion industry, work
  • Academic Position: Faculty
  • Twitter Handle: @kjerstingruys

John Holley

  • Affiliation: Suffolk University, Sociology
  • Research interests: youth, relationships, culture
  • Academic Position: Faculty
  • Twitter Handle: @thesociologist

Alexander Hoppe

  • Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania, Sociology
  • Research interests: fashion, global value chains, organizations
  • Academic Position: PhD Student

Emily Huddart Kennedy

  • Affiliation: University of British Columbia, Sociology
  • Research interests: sustainable consumption, food, gender, and social class
  • Academic Position: Faculty
  • Twitter Handle: @HuddartEmily

Claudia Mendez Wright

  • Affiliation: Utah State University
  • Research interests: Consumer culture, motherhood, migration, natural resources
  • Academic Position: PhD Student
  • Twitter Handle: @ClaudiaMWright1

Sydney Hart

  • Affiliation: Wilbur Wright College
  • Research interests: material culture, memory
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Roberta Spalter-Roth

  • Affiliation: Center for Social Science Research, George Mason University
  • Research interests: extended families, division of labor, religious rituals
  • Academic Position: Senior Research Fellow

Leonard Nevarez

  • Affiliation: Vassar College
  • Research interests: place, amenities, food systems
  • Academic Position: Faculty
  • Twitter Handle: @LeonardNevarez

Yuki Kato

  • Affiliation: Georgetown University, Department of Sociology
  • Research interests: Urban Sociology, Food Justice, Environmental Justice, Culture and Consumption
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Jennifer Smith Maguire 

  • Affiliation: Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield Business School
  • Research interests: cultural intermediaries, taste, and wine
  • Academic Position: Faculty
  • Twitter Handle: @consumapalooza

Harvey Molotch

  • Affiliation: New York University, Sociology
  • Research interests: product design, cities, distinction
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Joshua Sbicca

  • Affiliation: Colorado State University, Department of Sociology
  • Research interests: food, inequalities, social movements, urban studies
  • Academic Position: Faculty
  • Twitter Handle: @joshsbicca

Audrey Holm

  • Affiliation: Boston University Questrom School of Business, Organizational Behavior
  • Research interests: economic sociology, work and occupations, culture
  • Academic Position: PhD Student
  • Webpage URL:
  • Twitter Handle: @Audrey_HOLM

Amy Singer

  • Affiliation: Franklin & Marshall College, Sociology
  • Research interests: cultural production, intermediation, cultural value, market devices, food
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Deborah A. Harris

  • Affiliation: Texas State University
  • Research interests: sociology of food, qualitative methods, gender inequality
  • Academic Position: Faculty
  • Twitter Handle: @Taking_the_Heat

Josée Johnston

  • Affiliation: University of Toronto
  • Research interests: food; gender; ethical consumption
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Andre F. Maciel

  • Affiliation: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Dept. of Marketing
  • Research interests: cultural change, ethnography
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Rachel Skaggs

  • Affiliation: Vanderbilt University
  • Research interests: culture industries, social networks, work and occupations
  • Academic Position: Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Twitter Handle: @rachelskaggs

Maria A Cabrera Arus

  • Affiliation: New York University, Gallatin School of Individualized Study
  • Research interests: fashion, material culture, socialism
  • Academic Position: Faculty
  • Twitter Handle: @cubamaterial

Richard Ocejo

  • Affiliation: CUNY (John Jay College and the Graduate Center)
  • Research interests: urban, culture, work
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Justin Schupp

  • Affiliation: Wheaton College, MA
  • Research interests: food systems, stratification, social movements
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Victoria Reyes

  • Affiliation: University of California, Riverside, Sociology
  • Research interests: culture, global and transnational sociology, economic sociology, urban sociology
  • Academic Position: Faculty
  • Twitter Handle: @victoriadreyes

Christopher Andrews

  • Affiliation: Drew University, Department of Sociology
  • Research interests: self-service, technology, consumption and consumer culture, and work
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Ken Kolb

  • Affiliation: Furman University, Sociology Dept.
  • Research interests: food deserts, inequality, qualitative methods
  • Academic Position: Faculty
  • Twitter Handle: @kenHkolb
  • Affiliation: Oregon State University, College of Business
  • Research interests: consumer culture, gun culture, legitimacy, myth
  • Academic Position: Faculty
  • Twitter Handle: @aimeehuff

Carol S. Lindquist

  • Affiliation: Texas Tech University, Dept. of Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work
  • Research interests: food, vernacular architecture, gender
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Faye Linda Wachs

  • Affiliation: Cal Poly Pomona, Sociology
  • Research interests: gender, sport, body, STEM, media, politics
  • Academic Position: Faculty
  • Twitter Handle: @fayewachs

Jennifer Givens

  • Affiliation: Utah State University, Sociology
  • Research interests: environmental concern and behavior, international trade, globalization
  • Academic Position: Faculty
  • Twitter Handle: @jennifergivens6

Merin Oleschuk

  • Affiliation: University of Toronto, Sociology
  • Research interests: food, consumption, gender, and health
  • Academic Position: PhD Candidate
  • Twitter Handle: @merinoleschuk

Marjukka Ollilainen

  • Affiliation: Weber State University
  • Research interests: gender, work/orgs, consumerism
  • Academic Position: Faculty

J. Slade Lellock

  • Affiliation: Virginia Tech
  • Research interests: legitimation, qualitative methodologies, digital sociology, taste, inequality
  • Academic Position: PhD Candidate

Murray Milner, Jr

  • Affiliation: Inst. for Advanced Studies in Culture (IASC), University of Virginia
  • Research interests: status systems, consumerism
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Juliet Schor

  • Affiliation: Boston College, Sociology
  • Research interests: consumption and inequality, sharing economy, ethical consumption, sustainable consumption, Bourdieu
  • Academic Position: Faculty
  • Twitter Handle: @JulietSchor

Gary Yeritsian

  • Affiliation: UCLA
  • Research interests: cultural participation, media and time
  • Academic Position: PhD Student
  • Twitter Handle: 

Melanie Wallendorf

  • Affiliation: University of Arizona, Department of Marketing and School of Sociology
  • Research interests: sociocultural aspects of consumption, social position and consumption
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Marahrens, Helge-Johannes

  • Affiliation: Indiana University
  • Research interests: omnivorousness, distinction, computational social science
  • Academic Position: Student

Norah MacKendrick

  • Affiliation: Rutgers University, Department of Sociology
  • Research interests: gender, environment, health, STS
  • Academic Position: Faculty
  • Twitter Handle: @nmackend

Ashley Mears

  • Affiliation: Boston University, Sociology
  • Research interests: economic sociology, gender, culture
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Laura J. Miller

  • Affiliation: Brandeis University, Department of Sociology
  • Research interests: consumer culture, cultural movements, natural foods, book industry
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Alex Mitchell

  • Affiliation: California State Polytechnic Pomona, International Business and Marketing
  • Research interests: market dynamics, innovation, technology, institutional change, digital qualitative methods
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Tani Nguyen

  • Affiliation: Hoa Sen University
  • Research interests: ethical consumption, consumption movements
  • Academic Position: Faculty

Alexander C. Sutton

  • Affiliation: University of Virginia
  • Research interests: cultural production, creativity, aesthetics, material culture
  • Academic Position: Graduate Student

Fang Xu

  • Affiliation: Interdisciplinary Studies, University of California Berkeley
  • Research interests: cultural consumption, habitus, China Studies, identity
  • Academic Position: Lecturer