Consume This! Diversity Capital and Corporate Cultural Patronage

In this month’s blog, Patricia Banks develops the concept of “diversity capital” to unpack how patronage of the black cultural sector operates as an instrument of corporate communication and impression management. —Jennifer Smith Maguire (Section Chair) Diversity Capital and Corporate Cultural Patronage By Patricia A. Banks In 2011, Aetna, a health insurance company, announced a $1.275Continue reading “Consume This! Diversity Capital and Corporate Cultural Patronage”


Consume This! Plumbing of Capitalism: Credit as “Ordinary Consumption”

This month, Léna Pellandini-Simányi and Zsuzsanna Vargha make use of the practice theory concept of ‘ordinary consumption’ to consider the consumption of credit, and demonstrate the power of thinking through metaphor—in this case, plumbing! —Jennifer Smith Maguire (Section Chair) Revisiting the Plumbing of Capitalism: Credit as “Ordinary Consumption” By Léna Pellandini-Simányi and Zsuzsanna Vargha Household debt hasContinue reading “Consume This! Plumbing of Capitalism: Credit as “Ordinary Consumption””

Consume This! Cultural Participation and Professional Wrestling

  In this month’s Consume This!, Gary Yeritsian gives us a thought-provoking and entertaining glimpse into the world of professional wrestling, suggesting how WWE’s use of social media for highly-scripted, sanctioned forms of audience participation nevertheless creates possibilities for contestation and disruption.  —Jennifer Smith Maguire (Section Chair) Cultural Participation From Above and Below: The CaseContinue reading “Consume This! Cultural Participation and Professional Wrestling”

Consume This! Cultural Intermediaries, Emotion, and the Craft Beverage Industry

In this month’s Consume This!, Erik Withers takes us along to a craft brewery tour, highlighting the role of cultural intermediaries as frontline storytellers in contemporary consumer settings, and the power of emotions, nostalgia and place in those stories.  —Jennifer Smith Maguire (Section Chair) Cultural Intermediaries, Emotion, and the Craft Beverage Industry: Reflections from theContinue reading “Consume This! Cultural Intermediaries, Emotion, and the Craft Beverage Industry”

Consume This! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Craft Beer

In our October issue of Consume This!, Nathaniel Chapman and Slade Lellock consider ‘the Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ of craft beer and offer a great example of how personal consuming passions can lead to research projects! Nate and Slade highlight some of the particular paradoxes and tensions around issues of authenticity, diversity andContinue reading “Consume This! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Craft Beer”

Consume This! Consumption, Vulgarity and Vulgar Times

Hello all, and welcome to September. As the current Chair of the Consumers and Consumption section and in keeping with tradition, I’m delighted to contribute the September Consume This! essay. In this issue, I expand upon an article I recently completed on media representations of the nouveaux riches, taking a tour through the theme ofContinue reading “Consume This! Consumption, Vulgarity and Vulgar Times”

Consume This! Advertising and Consumer Data

  In this month’s post, Melissa Aronczyk takes us into the world of commercial advertising to see how the digital era has reoriented “mad men.”  Most of us are attuned to the bargain we make as online consumers, but Aronczyk notes how we give up not only our personal data as consumers, but also informationContinue reading “Consume This! Advertising and Consumer Data”

Consume This! BPS-Free plastic

In this month’s Consume This!, Norah MacKendrick reminds us of the stakes of the current administration’s cutbacks at the EPA, where regulatory control over toxic chemicals in the food supply are giving further way to industry interests.  A preview of her new book, Better Safe Than Sorry: How Consumers Navigate Exposure to Everyday Toxics (University of California Press), MacKendrick outlinesContinue reading “Consume This! BPS-Free plastic”

Consume This! Hop To It

Jennifer Jordan takes us through eight centuries of hops, those little cones that stabilize and flavor beer, in a methodologically reflective essay that considers how digital resources  are transforming archival sleuthing.  It’s a fascinating read, cheers! – Ashley Mears Consume This! Hop To It By Jennifer Jordan I have a stack of library books toContinue reading “Consume This! Hop To It”

Consume This! ‘House Full’. Film as Social and Cultural Practice

In this month’s Consume This!, Lakshmi Srinivas pushes film studies with some of the best insights from cultural sociology with an ethnography of films’ reception in Bangalore, India.  Sometimes colorful, sometimes raucous, and never singular, how audiences interact with films tells us much about how cinema taps into any given social milieux.  Read, enjoy, shareContinue reading “Consume This! ‘House Full’. Film as Social and Cultural Practice”