Consumers and Consumption Membership Drive: Help us reach 300 members!

We are currently a few dozen members shy of the 300 member threshold needed to keep our current level of funding, number of sessions, and ability to put on things like our upcoming pre-ASA mini-conference.

What can you do to help? We’re so glad you asked!

If you are an ASA member but not a member of the consumption section, please join! Short on funds? Contact section chair Ashley Mears, who has generously offered to buy gift memberships for those who need them.

Already a member of the section? Buy gift memberships for your students and colleagues! (See below for instructions)

Looking for more ways to support our excellent section? Send out an email blast! Let other scholars in your network know about the great work we do.

As a member, you’ll be put on our once-a-month email digest mailing list with updates on our monthly blog, Consume This!, as well as our section website, which announces new publications and publishing opportunities, job listings, fellowships and grants, etc. Even if these aren’t directly relevant to you, it might be useful information for your students or colleagues!

Help us maintain the thriving intellectual community we’ve worked so hard to build. Please spread the word!


To purchase a gift section membership
Once logged into the member portal, please click “Purchase a gift section membership” under the Contribute/Give heading.

Select the section and search for your recipient by name. Section membership requires 2018 ASA membership. Only 2018 ASA members who do not already have a membership in that section are eligible to receive a gift. Your recipient will receive an e-mail immediately after your payment notifying them of the section gift. (Your name will be included in this message). If the recipient declines the gift within 30 days of receipt, you will receive a refund by mail. Gifts are not tax deductible.

The deadline for a 2018 gift section membership additions is July 31, 2018.



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