ASA 2018 Consumers & Consumption Mini-Conference – Preliminary Schedule

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Consuming In, and Consumed By, a Trump Economy

*one day pre-American Sociological Association mini-conference*

Friday, August 10, 2018, 8:30 am-5:00 pm
Rutgers University, Camden, NJ

Registration deadline: July 24, 2018
Register here:

Questions? Contact Kate Cairns (
or Dan Cook (

Transportation to campus:  From Philadelphia, use PATCO to get to Camden.  Campus is located at the first stop on the New Jersey side of the river, City Hall. From there, it’s just two blocks to campus. Below:  PATCO Rail Map



Preliminary Schedule as of June 25, 2018. Exact times may change slightly.

8:00-8:30 – Registration and Breakfast 

8:30-8:35 – Welcome Remarks

8:40-10:00 – SESSION 1

1a. Rhetoric, Framing and Ethical Consumption

Greenwashing 101: Unpacking The Practice of Spinning Corporate Sustainability to Manipulate Ethical Consumers
Ellis Jones, Holy Cross College

Mobilizing the “Data Revolution” for the Public Good? The Adoption of Big Data and Crowdsourcing Technologies for Climate Action
Maria Isabel Espinoza, Rutgers University

The Politics of Consumption and Production: Moving Beyond “Justice” in Food Justice Organizing”
Erica Zurawski, University of California Santa Cruz

Eating for Taste and Eating for Change: Ethical Consumption as a High Status Practice
Emily Huddart Kennedy, University of British Columbia; Shyon Baumann, Department of Sociology, University of Toronto; Josée Johnston, Department of Sociology, University of Toronto

1b. Shifts in the Construction of Status Markets

Civility and Anxiety in an Age of Excess: Media Representations of Nouveau Riche Consumption
Jennifer Smith Maguire, University of Leicester

Omnivorousness as a Precondition for Specific and Obscure Tastes
Helge-Johannes Marahrens, Indiana University Bloomington; Sam Regas, Indiana University Bloomington; Patrick Kaminski, Indiana University Bloomington

From Garments to Gossip: The Declining Importance of Material Consumption
Murray Milner Jr., University of Virginia

 Bartender as Creative Professional: The Emergence of an Elite within the Service Industry
Mary DeStefano, University of Maryland

10:00-10:20 – BREAK

10:20-11:40 – SESSION 2

2a. Giving, Keeping, and Consuming

Limbo Stuff and Social Science: Understanding Self-Storage Consumption in the U.S.
Pamela Donovan, Freelance Editor

Examining the Impact of Financial Uncertainty on Professional Collaboration: The Case of American Art Museums
Jessica Poling, Rutgers University

The Giving Paradox: The Salience of Class and Social Distance in the Case of Philanthropy
Alexandra Gervis, Rutgers University

The Gogglesprogs Are Our Future: Children and Political Discourses in a Reality Television Program
Katie Fredricks, Rutgers University 

2b. Inequalities and Food Consumption

Oh SNAP! How Low-Income Families Use SNAP and Why Trump’s Proposed Reform Misses the Mark
Sinikka Elliott, University of British Columbia; Sarah Bowen, North Carolina State University; Annie Hardison-Moody, North Carolina State University

Who Gets What It Takes to be “Culinary Omnivores”? A Spatial Analysis of Race and Cuisine Diversity Based on Yelp Restaurants
Ruilin Chen, Boston College; Juliet Schor, Boston College

Food Boxes and Taco Trucks: Rhetoric as a Weapon For Whitewashing American Food Culture
Suzanne Cope, New School

Creating the SNAP Citizen
Keith Brown, Saint Joseph’s University; Colette Hanlon, University of California-Irvine; Becki Scola, Saint Joseph’s University

11:40-12:40 – LUNCH


Workshop A. Re-drawing Symbolic Boundaries
Mentor: Michaela DeSoucey, North Carolina State University

In Pursuit of Good Health: How New Yorkers Are Navigating a Food-As-Medicine Culture
Rachel Bogan, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Becoming a Cannabis Connoisseur: Markets, Morals, and the Working Class
Michele L Cadigan, University of Washington

Are Those ‘All-American Jeans’ Made in India? Durkheim and the Double Myth of the Fashion Designer
Alexander D. Hoppe, University of Pennsylvania

Workshop B. Gender and Consumption
Mentor: Norah MacKendrick, Rutgers University

Gender, Cultural Schemas and Learning to Cook: How Much Do We Really Learn at Our Mother’s Side?
Merin Oleschuk, University of Toronto

Being “Pretty” in Stranger Things: Eleven’s Consumption and Reproduction of Femininity
Kacey Doran, Rutgers University

Workshop C. Impacts of Policy
Mentor: Juliet Schor, Boston College

Permitting Marginality: An Intimate Ethnography of Marijuana Legalization
Christina Hughes, University of Washington

Consumers and Voters: The Neoliberal Populist Transformation of the Turkish Healthcare System
Alaz Kilicaslan, Boston University

Cultivating Neoliberal Bodies: Investigating the Influence of Neoliberalism on the Global Adoption of CrossFit
Jason Pagaduan, University of Toronto

2:00-2:20 – BREAK 

2:20-3:30 – SESSION 3

3a. Constructing and Co-opting Corporate Food Images

Racism Rehab: Rebranding to Recover from a Racial Image Crisis
Patricia Banks, Mount Holyoke College

Tyson Ventures into a Meatless Future: Is Food Tech Justice Possible?
Garrett Broad, Fordham University

Agrarian Populism, Consumerist Populism: The Legitimation of Meat in Alternative and Conventional Food Economies
Robert Magneson Chiles, The Pennsylvania State University

3b. Craft and Artisanal Production

Sartorial Nationalism: Soviet Socialism in Guayaberas and Straw Hats
Maria Cabrera Arus, New York University

The Maker Ethic: Neo-craftwork and the Artistic and Social Critiques of Capitalism
William Charles, Boston College

Food Startup Entrepreneurs in New York’s New Economy
Ivana M. Mellers, The Graduate Center, CUNY; Nga T. H. Than, The Graduate Center, CUNY

3:30-3:50 – BREAK

3:50-5:00 – KEYNOTE PANEL: Inequality in Trump’s America

Yasemin Besen-Cassino, Montclair State University 

Ashley Mears, Boston University

Frederick Wherry, Princeton University


Join us for a post-conference gathering in Philly! Location TBD.

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