Consumers & Consumption section poster!

Section member Thomas Calkins has created a fantastic new poster to promote our section. Here is a brief blurb from Thomas about this initiative:

“The American Sociological Association (ASA) boasts 50+ sections, reflecting the richness of sociological scholarship in contemporary America. Consumers & Consumption is a small but growing section within the ASA which both young and more established scholars may not be aware of yet. I made this poster to draw the interest of fellow colleagues, graduate students and undergraduates to the section. I originally wanted a poster just for my office door, to catch the eye of a curious graduate student, but then I thought that it might be useful for other members of the section as well. So what I have put together is an 8 ½ x 11 full color poster for hanging on your office door, department bulletin board, or to hand out to potential members. The poster is in pdf format and contains our WordPress, Twitter and Facebook account information, so that interested parties can keep in touch or find out how to join the section.”

– Thomas Calkins, UW-Milwaukee, Consumers & Consumption section member

Thank you, Thomas!


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