CFP: Food in Social Life

Food in Social Life: A Mini-Conference on the Sociology of Food

2017 ESS Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, February 23-26

Sociologists are increasingly exploring “foodways,” food habits, and institutions from production through consumption.  The scholarly study of food invokes issues of gender, class, labor, and cultural/ethnic identities, and using food as a lens helps us understand these issues in new and richer ways.  We are seeing a growth in sociology in primary research in food and society, as well as the use of food studies as a method and an approach to other theoretical and political issues.  This mini-conference will bring together those of us for whom food studies is a major focus and those for whom the examination food is a new angle on existing work.  Papers on a full array of topics relating to food are welcome.

Suggested paper topics include but are not limited to the following topics relating to food studies:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Immigration
  • Sustainability
  • Culture
  • Emotion and Carework
  • Food Systems
  • Activism
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Class and Status

Please direct all inquiries to Barbara Katz Rothman (  Authors must submit their proposals through the ESS online abstract submission system at   In the “Submission Details” window, select “Paper” for “Type of Submission,” and select “miniconference: food” for “Select the topic area that best describes your submission.”  Be sure to include a paper title along with your abstract of 250 words or less, your name as it should appear in the ESS program, institutional affiliation, and contact information.

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