Zachary Hyde Wins Student Paper Award

Zachary Hyde (Photography by Lily Ivanova)
Zachary Hyde (Photography by Lily Ivanova)

After reviewing many well-written, interesting, and innovative papers, the student awards committee of the ASA Section on Consumers and Consumption is happy to announce that Zachary Hyde is this year’s winner of the Student Paper Award. Zack is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of British Columbia.

His paper is entitled, “Omnivorous Gentrification: Restaurant Reviews and Neighborhood Change in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver,” and was published in City and Community (vol 13(4): 341-359). Zack’s paper picks up themes of urbanization, consumption, and gentrification pioneered by earlier research, and interweaves them with sociological literature on culture, food, and authenticity. More specifically, the paper examines the case of the downtown East Side in Vancouver–an area that paradoxically contains some of Canada’s poorest citizens, along with some of Vancouver’s hippest new restaurants. By studying restaurant reviews, Zack creatively identifies the interplay between patterns of urban gentrification, culinary authenticity, and ethical entrepreneurialism.

Committee Chair: Patricia Arend, Fitchburg State University
Committee Members: Dan Cook, Rutgers University; Josée Johnston, University of Toronto


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