Announcing The Cultural Intermediaries Reader

ReaderCultural intermediaries are the tastemakers, defining what counts as good taste and cool culture in today’s marketplace. Working at the intersection of culture and economy, they perform critical operations in the production and promotion of consumption, constructing legitimacy and adding value through the qualification of goods. Too often, these are processes that remain invisible to the consumer’s eye, and in scholarly debates about creative industries.

The Cultural Intermediaries Reader, published by SAGE and edited by Dr. Jennifer Smith Maguire and Dr. Julian Matthews of the University Of Leicester, is the first comprehensive introduction to the exciting field of economic sociology. The reader offers theoretical approaches ranging from Bourdieu to Callon to provide the conceptual and practical tools needed to analyze these market actors. Additionally, the reader includes ethnographic materials on such fields as advertising, branding, public relations, the arts, fashion, popular music, lifestyle media, fitness, clothing, and food and drink.